PHYSICAL THERAPY: Your First Line Of Care!

Welcome to TurningPoint Medical Group where we offer you world-class care by world-class physical therapists right here at two locations in Colorado Springs, CO. And did you know? Colorado is a First Access state! That means you can see a physical therapist without a doctor's referral. We have the means to assess your injury or disorder and determine if physical therapy is the right first care for your condition.

Our Services

In TurningPoint Medical Group, we offer three primary medical services. Learn more about them here:

Watch HDVR™ In Action

HDVR™ is a game-changer in the treatment of any number of brain injuries or disorders. We literally get the brain to stimulate its own incredible power to heal itself. Results have been nothing short of amazing.

What Our Patients Say About Us

I absolutely LOVE Turning Point Medical Group, especially my P.T. Dr. Kelsey Rayl, she is incredible, knowledgeable and determined to help each body improve to optimal level. The staff is lovely, and I would recommend this to anyone on-the-mend. I was in a terrible car collision, and I received the cognitive and physical rehabilitation to restore my performance in a short span of time with their philosophies and methods. Thank you T.P.M.G!
Gethen Baker
Gethen B.
20:43 03 Dec 19
The initial assessment was very professional and thorough. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I can definitely recommend Turning Point to future patients.
Silvia Hughes
Silvia H.
18:38 04 Mar 19
I’m a Modern Pentathlete representing the USA. I suffered a concussion a week before a competition. The team at Turning Point were amazing! The friendly and welcoming environment extends from the front welcome area and staff, to the therapists providing the treatments! Everyone I worked with was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I was lucky to be cleared in time to compete in my competition thanks to them. I live in NY and would fly to Colorado in a heart beat if I were to suffer another concussion!! They are the best in the business.
Tyler Evans
Tyler E.
04:52 17 Dec 18
TurningPoint Medical Group has an amazing staff that can help in so many ways. Their brain rehabilitation system is cutting edge and is changing people's lives! I would highly recommend anyone needing physical therapy to go to TPMG!
Melody H
Melody H
22:31 18 Oct 18
Markus is a true gem for the Colorado Springs community. I've yet to meet another individual that breaks the boundaries of medical science and cutting edge techniques. I've actually heard of some of the techniques to treat concussions other trauma-based neurological disorders and though, wow this is great but these will probably never go mainstream since the goal is to not introduce pain medications or long-term rehabilitation programs—but low and behold Markus' goal is to actually cure patiences and rescue them from traditional methods that only treat symptoms. If you know of an athlete who suffered head trauma, or a child who struggles with Autism, every minute spent at Turning Point Medical Group is worth its weight in gold.
23:14 10 Oct 18
I went to A Turning Point for back pain and was treated with dignity and respect. Markus knows his stuff and did a great job of recommending at home exercises for me to do. They also do amazing work for brain rehabilitation and would tell anyone I know with a concussion. Autism or ADD/ADHD to go see them! We are so lucky to have them in our backyard!
Ashley B
Ashley B
18:30 04 Oct 18
I scheduled a consultation hoping they would be able to help me with my medical issue. The treatment that I needed was not something that they offered. They were very upfront about that, instead of leading me on or scheduling services that would not help my situation. I mentioned that I was new to the area and Kelsey offered to help me find a center that might provide the services that I need. She called me the next day with the names of 2 offices that could help. I appreciate the awesome customer service.
Trina Atencio - CDHS
Trina Atencio - C.
21:26 08 May 18